Woman Doesn't Explain Whether Video Games are Sexist in Controversial Video

This video from nutjob conservabot academic scholar Christina Hoff Sommers popped up on Reddit's video subreddit today and made the rounds in the videogame world. Entitled "Are video games sexist?" I think what saddens me about it most is that it never actually even attempts to answer that question. Watch it below if… » 9/17/14 2:24am 9/17/14 2:24am

Planetary Annihilation's Planet Smashing for the Win

Hopefully quite a few people, especially fans of the RTS genre, are interested in (or already playing) the currently-in-pay-for-beta Planetary Annihilation. I contributed to the Kickstarter and have been following it closely as it develops. The game itself is actually a blast to watch and I am looking forward to it… » 10/11/13 9:18pm 10/11/13 9:18pm