Completionist Much?

After sporadically playing it for three years now, I’ve finally completed New Super Mario Bros U! In NSMBU, your “completion” is tracked using stars on your save file, as in the image above. Five stars means you’ve finished every stage (that’s the 94 flags there), got every single star coin in the game, and caught the… » 8/16/15 10:34pm 8/16/15 10:34pm

Playstation Mobile is Gone Tomorrow

Playstation Mobile is a platform Sony released a few years ago under the theory that through a quick approval process and embracing Unity, they could rapidly have a mobile games storefront that would compete with the big boys. What they ended up with was an awkward, poorly organized shop in the PS Vita’s digital store… » 7/15/15 2:18am 7/15/15 2:18am

Woman Doesn't Explain Whether Video Games are Sexist in Controversial Video

This video from nutjob conservabot academic scholar Christina Hoff Sommers popped up on Reddit's video subreddit today and made the rounds in the videogame world. Entitled "Are video games sexist?" I think what saddens me about it most is that it never actually even attempts to answer that question. Watch it below if… » 9/17/14 2:24am 9/17/14 2:24am

This month is shaping up to be a great gaming month already! I'm about to finish Catherine, which has been fantastic. I've also been playing through Tales of Xillia, which really scratches that JRPG itch! » 5/12/14 8:29pm 5/12/14 8:29pm